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Congratulations, your video is on its way to your email!


I'm excited that you have taken this step towards showing up online and gaining online visibility!

However, watching a free video is one thing, and knowing how to build and apply your own personal brand is another.

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Personal Brand Mastery by Seema Batavia

Get my best-selling Personal Brand Mastery course for only $47 instead of $79! This discount is only exclusively available for students of Personal Brand Masterclass.


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About Personal Brand Mastery:

Build your Personal Brand from scratch & start standing out! 

An introvert's course to ace their personal brand, get confident & skyrocket their career potential!

Made for those who are just starting out, Personal Brand Mastery will help you get clear, get confident and start taking steps towards your future.

Personal Brand Mastery by Seema Batavia

Use code 40OFFPBM

  • Learn my proven 5-step system to start getting the attention & recognition you deserve

  • Get a thorough understanding of the steps you need to make a name for yourself

  • Understand how to position yourself for success

  • Learn the real-life applications of your personal brand

  • Start getting known for your expertise and make real impact!

Get crystal clear about who you are & how you'd like to be known, and start attracting your audience!

You cannot start building an audience if you're not clear on your what your personal is! Stop the anxiety-inducing guesswork and worrying about where to even begin with putting yourself out there online.

Understand the brand of YOU, who it's for, and how to show up in the most authentic way possible so you can start paving the way for your future!

Only for



Use code 40OFFPBM

  • Over 100 minutes of recorded material ($750 value)

  • Over 40 worksheets ($500 value)

  • Over 200 slides of content ($1500 value)

  • The exact foundational system that I teach my 4-figure coaching clients! ($1997 value)

Personal Brand Mastery by Seema Batavia
Lucas O Keefe Social Media Expert.JPG

Lucas O'Keefe

Social Media Strategist

"If you know Seema, you know she has extensive knowledge on how to plan, implement a personal brand strategy that makes your business stand out. She's captured it in all the amazing modules in this course.

My favorite part is the super valuable workbook she's given! Filling out all those pages and worksheets really held me accountable to what I was going to do and how I was going to implement it - and making sure that I actually did implement it!"

Personal Brand Mastery is:





No fluff. Only a result-oriented 5-Step System to start applying in real life!

Use code 40OFFPBM

This foundational system can help you:

  • Build your own personal brand

  • Start building influence & authority

  • Position you as an expert so you can become sought-after in your field

  • Start attracting guest appearances, interviews & other features

  • Start attracting an audience of fans who love what you do

  • Set the groundwork for potential customers & a brand new career

  • Pave the way for endless brand opportunities & collaborations

Created by an introvert with over a decade in Marketing & Branding to help you create your personal brand from the ground up:

- if you're just starting out

- if you're an introvert

- if you have low confidence

- if you're confused about where to start

- if you want to create real impact

- if you're ready to put in the work & START

Over $4747 value, for



Use code 40OFFPBM

Here's what students are saying:

Personal Brand Mastery Testimonial10jpg.jpg
Personal Brand Mastery Testimonial12.jpg
Personal Brand Mastery Testimonial13.jpg
Personal Brand Mastery Testimonial13.jpg

Get ready to:

- get clear & confident

- have direction & a plan of action

- attract an audience with your expertise

- stand out and get attention

- get more followers & clients!

Don't wait, take action now!

Use code 25OFFPBM

Please note that all payments are final and non-refundable. Clients will not be eligible for a refund even if they do not complete the course.

All rights reserved. All modules, lessons, and information inside of the Personal Brand Mastery course were strategically structured, created & designed by Seema Batavia. Anything copied or replicated for personal gain will be legally held responsible.

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