About Me

I'm here for you.

So you've got a wonderful business idea or offering but you're not sure what to do with it. You want to sell it, but you're not sure whom you'd be selling to or what the higher purpose of the brand is. You may not even have a logo yet or know what the brand should look like. This is where a comprehensive  Brand Strategy  comes in.​


With ten years of experience in three different continents, four different corporate sectors and developing product successful brands from packaged foods, organizations, to real estate, I'm now bringing my marketing, analysis and brand development expertise to you.


I will help you build a foundation for your brand as an individual or business, and will go through a detailed process to provide you the building blocks, tools and processes, and a final roadmap to a strong, confident brand that embodies (and surpasses!) your vision.

Seema Batavia Introvert Brand Strategist