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You need these skills for your personal brand

If you want a strong personal brand, you need to stand out.


How’s that?


By building serious skills.

Building a personal brand isn’t an accident. It’s strategic.

You need to stand out from your competition.

And you do that by being unique…

and by being better.

And you can only get better by adding some serious skills.

1. Writing

  • Become an excellent writer: practice, practice, practice

  • Learn to write clear, plain English

  • Work with an experienced editor or writer

2. Public Speaking

  • Start with small local groups and networks

  • Build your confidence with group Zoom calls!

  • Join your local Toastmasters for practice

  • Ask friends and family if you can practice with them

3. Blogging & SEO

  • Learn to create targeted content for your audience

  • Learn to identify and use keywords effectively

  • Understand how Google ranking works, and work at it every day

4. Email Marketing

  • Learn how to build an email list

  • Learn to nurture your audience to warm them up

  • Learn accurate email sequences that work

  • Learn how to convert your audience from a series of emails to buying your product

Once you ace all of these skills, you'll have the perfect foundation to get your personal brand fired up!

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