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Make More Money with Good Brand Design

Design is a major part of your brand.

Good brand design can make you more money.

Want to know how that works?

Through storytelling.

Design communicates what’s behind the brand. It gives the audience an idea of what you stand for. And evokes feelings.

And desires... to spend.

1. Makes a good first impression

  • Gives the audience confidence

  • Poorly-designed websites cost people sales

  • Shows attention to detail

Do This:

  • Make a killer brand identity

  • Make a good website

  • Don’t use outdated technology

  • Streamline all your social media pages to look good.

2. Better user experience

  • Guides the user to the right funnel

  • People stay longer on websites

  • Sets you apart from competition.

Do this:

  • Make your site functional & accessible

  • Learn CTAs

  • Get a heat map like Hotjar

  • Make your product / service pages are easy to navigate

3. Indicates quality

  • People accept a higher price

  • Gives a sense of pride

  • Shows brand confidence

  • Stands out on the shelf

Do this:

  • Create eye-catching packaging

  • Don’t cut corners on quality

  • Make sure product quality matches packaging

  • Encourage unboxing videos and testimonials

4. Shows Personality

  • Makes customers think they can relate

  • Humanizes the brand

  • Helps conversions

Do this:

  • Use your personality across all designs

  • Use vocabulary that is fun

  • Make quirky design a part of the user experience

  • Do fun promos inspired by designs

  • Use similar influencers

5. Makes Workers Productive

  • A well-designed workplace makes people work better

  • Facilitates creativity

  • Builds pride & loyalty

  • Productivity leads to profit

Do this:

  • Make open space areas that breathe

  • Use natural light & plants

  • Have motivational messages on walls

  • Let workers customize their own areas

  • Hold ‘best desk’ contests

6. Leaves a Legacy

  • Creates a culture

  • Becomes part of movements

  • Creates loyalty

  • Passed down generations

Do this:

  • Create a brand that lasts for decades

  • Make it universally appealing

  • Use quality material that lasts

  • Back it up with good customer service

Good brand design makes you money. Good design is memorable, and is talked about.

Make your brand stand out and profitable through good design!

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