Create an Unforgettable Customer Experience

A brand that provides a stellar Customer Experience (CX) has higher customer satisfaction rates and higher sales.

You need to create a strategy for this.

Think of a good customer experience like a dining experience. Would you eat again at a restaurant whose service you hated?

1. Segment your customers:

If you've got a wide-ish customer base, segment them into categories and personalize each.

2. Create an emotional connection:

Companies that leverage emotions grow 85% faster than those who don't. 44% of emotionally-attached customers repurchase from the brand.

3. Get real-time feedback and work on it.

Get feedback through phone/email/in-person meets and implement required changes immediately.

4. Give a consistent service experience:

No matter what the channel or touch-point is the buyer journey, make sure they are receiving a consistently good experience.

5. Don't use technology just because:

Use technology to enhance human experience, not replace it.

6. Don't make it hard for the customer:

Don't make the customer jump through hoops to contact you (eg. Call 5 other departments first). Let them be heard!

7. Be committed to customer delight:

Make it a long-term goal to serve your customer. Making customers happy should become part of your DNA.

8. Make your brand personal:

Put personality in your content and discover customer preferences to give them content they'll never forget!

9. Improve your training system:

There should be consistent coaching, learning, and group development of your team to provide the best customer service possible.

10. Measure your progress:

Create your own tools or use one such as NPS (New Promoter Score) to collect information with questions such as "Would you recommend this company to a friend or relative?" to see if you're on the right track.

The success of your brand will depend on whether you deliver a good customer experience or not. Make sure you don't ignore it!

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