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Build Brand Trust Without Social Proof

Social proof is proof that others trust you, e.g. testimonials.

But how do you build brand trust… when you don’t have any yet?

By giving. You build trust by getting the audience to believe in you.

This means to give information that helps them have faith in you.

But what if you have no testimonials or social proof?

Build Trust Without Social Proof

Give Details:

Show exactly what the client can expect from your service, step-by-step

- Show your process

- Highlight each step

Reflect their Reality:

Agree with your customer, show that you share their beliefs and struggles

- Reflect their values/beliefs

- Understand their pain points

Make Them a Promise:

Make specific promises about their experience and results

- Don't exaggerate

- Make it real

Show Yourself:

Show your face, make it a nice picture – not overly glamorous, but real

- Be Natural

- Don't Use Stock Photos

Use social testimonials:

Use positive comments and messages from your IG / Facebook/ Twitter feeds

- Use compliments

- Use positive feedback

Industry Statistics:

Show statistics eg. 1 in 5 people are struggling with their branding

- Use real industry numbers

- Make them a focal point

Use trust seals:

Use seals to show that your payment checkout methods are safe and business is legit

- e.g. PayPal verified

- Use membership seals

Show where you’ve been mentioned:

Show any PR or social mentioned you’ve received from accounts

- Webinars or events you've spoken at

- Any news or press sites

Show customer / subscriber counts:

Show people they’re not alone, that there’s a community

- Show realtime numbers

- Any notable groups

For a brand new account who has no social proof, focus on giving. Give services, give information, and give hard-core data. Slowly build your social proof and get people to trust you!

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