Build a Brand Without Showing Your Face

For your personal brand, showing your face is important.

But what if you just don't want to? Is it possible to build a brand without a face?

In a nutshell? Yes it is.

The essence of a brand is not your face. While your face definitely helps your brand, some factors may limit your ability to show your face, such as:

  • Shyness

  • Culture

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Low Confidence

  • Work-Life Conflict

  • Family/Friends finding out

  • Privacy

  • Other personal reasons

So can your brand succeed without a face? Yes it can.

Here's how:

1. Stay Online:

Because you will be avoiding being seen in person, make sure you are using all your channels.

2. Nail Your Visual Identity:

Since you are relying on your brand, make sure your fonts, colors, textures, etc. are perfect.

3. Create a Podcast:

Use your voice instead of your face. Your voice will work better than text to connect with people.

4. Be Noticeable:

Differentiate yourself through your brand message and story. Make it interesting.

5. Use a Representative:

If you ever get so famous that you need to speak at events or network in person, send a representative instead.

6. Make it Your Brand:

If the reason for concealing your face is compelling, bond with your audience over it. Many will understand and relate!

7. Excel Your Thought Leadership:

To be taken seriously without a face, you will need to emerge as an expert or an authority. Position yourself that way.

8. Amplify Your Personality:

Double down on your personality - to stand out, you will need to be memorable through the things you say.

9. Use an Avatar:

Create an abstract cartoon out of your real face, or use a photo or symbol that means something to you. This will become your identity.

10. Create an Alias:

Use another name instead of your own. It can be similar sounding to yours for a connection.

In short, yes you can build a brand without using your face. You will have to focus on your brand as a whole - what your purpose is and who your target audience is. Learn to tell your story confidently, and people will relate to you!

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