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If you feel lost (and a little jealous) in a sea of people who are popular, successful and making insane money, then you are in the right place.


Tell me if this sounds familiar: you're frustrated at your 9-5 and really want to be known and respected for what you do. Or you know that you WANT to recognition for your expertise, but you have no idea what you're good at or how to get attention. You just know that you feel lost, anxious and shy - in your heart, you KNOW you need to do something, but you have no idea what it is. Everything you’ve done so far hasn’t worked. 

Or worse, you’ve been so confused that you haven’t even tried.

You have all these dreams and aspirations and ideas that you can’t wait to get in front of the audience, and you just know that if you could just get a chance, you could change their life.

But the thing is...

You’re confused and there’s too much information out there

You just haven’t got it right so far

You’ve tried everything… or nothing at all

It all seems really overwhelming

You don’t know how to put yourself out there

Your anxiety & imposter syndrome are telling you can’t do it

You’re clueless about who your audience is or how to talk to them

It seems insane to you that you could get clients just by doing what you love

It's not your fault.

What if things finally started clicking into place?

No more second-guessing or being confused about what you’re meant to be doing


No more confusion about who your audience really is and how to reach them


No more dread about putting yourself out there without knowing what to say or do


No more anxiety about how to talk to your audience so they actually listen


No more feeling like you don’t belong and finally showing up confidently while being your authentic, true self


No more head-scratching about how you could take your skill and make money from it


No more fear of thinking that you’ll have to cold call clients just to get their attention


No more feeling overwhelmed about ALLL the complicated systems you need to put in place to start attracting dream clients

Not only will you finally be confident, clear and fulfilled about your goal, you’ll have your path all mapped out. You’ll have an engaged audience of fans who love you and want to work with you and your most ideal prospects will be lining up at your door - while building influence and being known as the go-to expert!


1:1 Coaching Program

A fully custom 12-week program for  introverted service-based aspiring business-owners  to help you go from having no clue what to do and how, all the way to putting yourself out there, building your audience and attracting your dream clients online.


(By someone who’s actually walked the talk and built their own brand with a decade of Marketing experience under their belt and now helping others do the same!)

Senior Luxury Marketing

"Working with you was amazing. You were able to give me a clear starting point to build my personal brand. I cannot thank you enough for steering me in the right direction. I'm very excited about my personal branding and never thought I would feel that way. You saw my vision even if I had difficulties to put words on it and listened to what I wanted to accomplish with interest and kindness. Thanks to you I can say today that I'm ready to stand out in 2021!"

After 12 weeks of working with me, you'll:

Know your strengths and what you should be building your personal brand and business on

Have crystal clarity on what you're working towards and what you need to do to get there


Finally understand who you should be helping and want to focus on


Understand exactly what to offer your audience in a way that’s most rewarding to you - both emotionally and financially


Know exactly how to get others to think of you in the way that you want


Finally know how to present yourself and become someone that others remember and seek out


Create perfect, tailored content that will get the exact outcome you desire - no matter what your niche is


Know how to package your services and start getting leads through your door for your remote service-based business

What's included:

A custom 12-week step-by-step curriculum that's tailored to YOUR needs and your overall goals

Video replays of each video call so you can review every detail and not miss a thing

Worksheets, PDFs and resources to help you ace each component of your personal brand

12 weekly video calls with me over Zoom, each 60 minutes long!

A dedicated members-only access to a drive created for you where you can access all of your files - forever! 

Full messaging & email support in between calls to make sure you're on the right track

Visibility Coach

"I never truly understood the meaning of 'Branding' until working with Seema. When I decided to apply for her 1:1 Coaching; I had changed the vision of my business and felt that my focus and messaging were not in sync anymore.

Seema gave me clarity in myself and in my business. She helped me to clarify content pillars, messaging (brand voice), hashtags, engagement, sales and how to add my personality into my entire brand strategy. 

Sincere, intelligent, genuine and fun; Seema is the real deal!" 

Oh, and did I mention...

Direct access to me Monday-Friday on any messaging platform of your choice (DM, WhatsApp, iMessage, Voxer? I've got you!) so you have complete hand-held support while we’re working on your brand together


Two weeks of guidance / content review after 12 weeks to make sure you’re on the right track

An extended mentorship program option for those who have completed the curriculum - for past clients only


An endless supply of dad jokes

How it works:

Over 12 weeks, we'll be:

Diving deep into who you are as a person, addressing your mindset and barriers to set you up for success

Setting your goals and building your foundation so you get crystal clear on what you want to achieve

Understanding your market so you can find people that you truly want to serve 

Creating an offer that is authentic with money-making potential and learning how to position it for the audience

Finding your voice and confidence to create the exact perception that you want, while speaking your customers' language

Creating a content strategy that gets you seen, heard, & generates leads, no matter what your field is

Understanding how to leverage Instagram as a platform to get you maximum visibility and business

De-mystifying sales so you can start making money from your expertise and identify & handle prospects like a pro

What makes this 1:1 Coaching Program different and why should you listen to me?

This program is created specifically for ambitious introverts like yourself who want to achieve massive impact and want to attract their dream clients but don’t know how.


As an introvert myself, I know how hard it is to put yourself out there - let alone be heard, seen and stand out!


But I can assure you, this system works.

This framework is the exact process I’ve used to build and monetize my own personal brand that helped me build my remote business and make my annual (!!!) corporate salary in only FIVE months since launching my program (and quitting my 9-5)!

Personal Brand Coach Seema Batavia.png

I’m here to teach you all my branding secrets.


With a decade of corporate Marketing experience where I’ve headed Marketing departments and built brands, branding is my first love.

I understand consumer behavior, how they think and what drives their decisions - and this is what I teach you. I help you dig deeper and have ‘aha’ moments that will make you look at things differently, identify your potential and put you on the right path.


I’m your biggest cheerleader in your personal brand journey, and I’m by your side every step of the way.


Plus, I’ve got jokes.

This is for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

You identify as an introvert and/or suffer from imposter syndrome, low self-esteem, low confidence, shyness or anxiety


You’re a service-based entrepreur / solopreneur / small-business owner, freelancer, consultant, coach, or course creator

You’re driven and a self-starter who is willing to put in the work with guidance from a coach


You’re committed to showing up every single week to work with me


You’re willing to dig deep and keep an open mind on opportunities and possibilities in your journey

You look at your audience as people you can serve, not just those you can make money from


You want to make a name for yourself and invest in your future, not just looking for a get-rich-quick scheme


You believe that this is the right time to commit to a 12-week plan

You’re overconfident and think you have all the answers


You’re a product-based business or business owner (another solution would be more suitable for you, please reach out to me)


You need a lot of pushing and constant nagging in order to get things done

You’re too busy with other projects and tasks to commit to a regular call time & date each week


You’re uncomfortable addressing deep-rooted issues that may be a roadblock in your journey

Your primary goal out of this program is money & profit


You think 12 weeks is too long and want to learn how to make money NOW


You’re too tied up right now and wondering if you can even do this at this time

Business Owner

"Seema was able to clarify so many things that will lay the foundation for the success of my company! She very calmly walked me through and broke down what was needed to create this foundation for success. I can't emphasize enough, how important it was for me to have a plan of action. She took out the guesswork and provided me with a valuable blueprint for success.

She's patient, knowledgeable, engaging and straight to the point, she will break it down to the simplest details so that it's easily understood."

It's time to do this.

If not now, when?


I live in a different country. Can I enroll? 

Yes, the program is open globally for everyone!

How much time will this take me every week?

Including the calls & curriculum work, it should take you no more than 2 hours a week.

Can I pay in any other currency besides USD?

The amount invoiced to you will be in USD, via PayPal. PayPal automatically converts your local currency to the USD equivalent at the time. If you have any payment-related questions, please reach out to me!

Is there a refund policy?

Yes there is, but so far not a single person has used it. If you can demonstrate & prove that you have done all the work as instructed, put in all your effort and still haven't achieved results, you can ask for a refund.

What if this program doesn't work for me?

Like any coaching program or mastermind, you get what you put into it. If you put in all your effort, follow the curriculum carefully and follow all of my guidance, I see no reason why you won’t reach your goals! 

What if I need more time than 12 weeks?

There is an extended mentorship program available for those who have completed the 12 week program. Contact me for details!

Will I have a business up & running by the end of 12 weeks?

You will have all the knowledge you need to clarify your brand, how to communicate with your audience and hit the ground running to attract your dream clients. I help you understand sales but I do NOT help you build elaborate business systems or revenue streams. If overall profit is your only goal, this coaching program may not be the right fit for you.

What next?

Step 1

Apply for the 1:1 Coaching Program by filling out an application form 

Step 2

Once reviewed and accepted, you will receive a message or email on your contact information provided

Step 3

We will have a 30-minute discovery call over Zoom to discuss your goals and see if we can work together!

Men's Coach

"First and foremost, what I want to say, if you have any brand-related problems, issues, questions, whatsoever, go to Seema, she is the one who will be able to help you. Honestly, she's super knowledgeable. She goes above and beyond to help you solve your problems to really drill down your pain points and do everything she can to help you succeed. I felt super valued as a client during our time. Right now, I'm absolutely set - all my questions are answered, all the problems are solved. For me, it's a 100% recommendation to work with her!"

You've sat on the sidelines long enough.

It's time to get your voice heard and stand out now.

If you are ready to commit, I'll help you reach your goals.

I'll see you on the other side of the click!

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