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How to get followers interested in your brand

Building a brand is one thing.

Getting followers interested is another.

How do you do it?

Make it about them.

The most successful brands have one thing in common. They make it all about the audience. At every step of the way, think:

How will my audience benefit from this?

1. When building a brand, ask:

  • What is my big goal for my audience?

  • How can my brand change my customer's life?

  • What actions are going to help me get there?

  • Do my values match with my audience's?

  • Do I know my audience inside out?

2. When creating content, ask:

  • Will this directly answer my customer's pain point?

  • Will this be the perfect solution for them?

  • Will this make the customer trust me?

  • Am I getting the message across clearly?

  • Am I encouraging the customer to engage?

3. When trying to convert, ask:

  • Am I being personable and respectful?

  • Am I spotting potential leads and nurturing them?

  • Am I keeping the inquiry process simple?

  • Am I responding and following up on time?

The way to get followers interested in your brand is by making it all about them. From the moment you build your brand, you need to make sure you're building it for them, not you.

Your goals, your actions, your values - should be about your audience, not you. You need to know your audience extremely well and address them at every stage when you make content.

You need to answer your customers' pain points, struggles, and their aspirations. Empathize with them and be respectful and approachable so they can reach out to you. Make the inquiry process simple so you're not making your customers jump through hoops.

Turning your followers into clients is simple - just make it about them!

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