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How to build a confident personal brand

As a personal brand, one thing will set you apart.


But how do you build it?

Through a 3-way approach.

When you're confused about what your brand is, or don't know where to start, or haven't done this before, this will result in lower confidence.

Instead, try this:

1. Become Crystal Clear:

  • Decide why you want to do this

  • Explore what you like doing

  • Understand what you can offer

  • Know your values

  • Know who your audience is

  • Overcome your limiting beliefs

2. Research

  • Look at other accounts

  • See what content works

  • See how the audience reacts

  • Look at how you can give this your own spin

  • Look at the language they use

  • Know what is trending

3. Practice


  • Make it a daily habit

  • Look at your insights

  • Explore different topics

  • Set your own frequency

  • Make a few good friends

  • More practice = more confidence!

Confidence can set you apart when you're building a personal brand. To get more confident, focus on three things: clarity, research, and practice.

Become very clear on WHY you want to do this, for WHOM, and HOW. This will give you direction.

Write down everything that's keeping you from starting, and address your own limiting beliefs.

Research to see what works and doesn't work, and what the audience wants and how they communicate.

The most important thing is to JUST START.

Analyze your content, make 1-2 friends you can confide in, and continue practicing.

That's how you build a confident personal brand!

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