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Insecure to In-Demand Logo Wordmark.png

A 12-Week Group-Coaching Program for Introverts to go from Feeling Insecure to Showing up Confidently Online & Being Visible - Without Losing your Privacy!

No more sitting on the sidelines.

Isn't it about time that others saw how capable, skilled & dynamic you are?

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you're a frustrated entrepreneur or professional and really want to be known and respected for your true potential. You've thought about building an online presence for ages, but the thought of clicking 'publish' on a public post with your *real name* gives you a panic attack.


Frankly, you're tired of being overlooked, ignored and sidelined because you don't fit society's mold of 'go-getters'. But you're a private person and it makes you feel really awkward when it comes to showing up online.

"What would I say? Who would even listen?"

Just thinking about it makes you feel like a fraud.

You're scared, insecure (maybe even shy) and the thought of getting 'popular' online just makes you anxious and a little ashamed - what if people you know in real life find you and make fun of you??


But to be honest, you really want it. You want to be seen. You want to be known. You want to be recognized. But you have no idea how to go about it (or how others manage to do it so effortlessly). 

You’re paralyzed by fear, and you've overthought yourself into doing nothing.

You have all these dreams & aspirations and ideas that you can’t wait to share with the world, and you just know that if you could overcome this massive barrier, you could do anything.

You don't want to hide anymore.

But the thing is...

You’re an introvert and you don't know how you can ever compete with super vocal extroverts out there (and you constantly think "why would anyone listen to me?")


You've been behind the scenes for so long that you're nervous, anxious & afraid of showing up & be seen by the online world - it seems 'dangerous' and makes you feel exposed

You panic and overthink about putting yourself out there and you're frozen with fear - it seems overwhelming and daunting


You don't think you're worthy or capable of being in front of a massive audience, and feel like you'd be a burden on them and are terrified of offending them

You're doubting yourself and don't quite know what you'd like to be known for, or what kind of a name you'd like to build for yourself - or where to even begin

You're camera shy and you're worried about the way you look, the sound of your voice, your Zoom background and everything else - and it makes you feel self-conscious

You feel like a fraud and your own worst critic, and think there's no room for you online among all these dynamic, social people

You're procrastinating on getting started because you're a perfectionist and terrified of messing up, while others around you seem to start effortlessly and pass you by

You're worried about losing your privacy and think that showing up online will expose your personal life

I get it, I've been there.

Seema Batavia Visibility Coach for Introverted Coaches and Entrepreneurs.png

What if things were different?

No more second-guessing or being confused about what your real gifts are and how to make them known to the world

No more dread about putting yourself out there or feeling self-conscious because you're excited to show up & your privacy is safe

No more limiting beliefs, negative self-talk or self-doubt about your true worth or capabilities

No more feeling awkward at the very thought of showing up online & dreading others watching your every move

No more feeling like you don’t belong and finally showing up confidently online as your true, authentic self

No more confusion about how to find your tribe in this vast online space and build meaningful, rewarding connections

No more feeling invisible and unworthy due to not being seen, heard or understood by others online 

No more overthinking about where to begin with creating mind-reading content that makes people turn virtual heads

Not only will you finally be confident, clear and fulfilled about your potential & believe in yourself, you'll have clear direction.


You'll have the online presence of your dreams and fans who respect you and flock to you, and it will finally feel easy - no more insecurity!

Insecure to In-Demand logo1 Helping introverts show up confidently online and overcome ins
Insecure to In-Demand Seema Batavia Introvert Confidence & Visibility show up online4.png

No more hiding.


Insecure to In-Demand Mockup.png

A 12-Week Group-Coaching Program for Introverts to go from Feeling Insecure to Showing up Confidently Online & Being Visible -  Without Losing Your Privacy!

Seema Batavia Visibility Coach for Introverted Coaches and Entrepreneurs.png

An interactive program to help you go from feeling anxious, lost & confused and having no clue how to express your true self to the world, all the way to feeling confident, showing up online with authority and getting visible.


(By an anxious introvert who’s actually walked the talk and built a successful online presence. With a decade of Marketing experience under my belt, I'm now helping others do the same!)

Just like these incredible clients:
Introvert Brand Revolution Group Coaching with Seema Batavia Testimonial7.png
Introvert Brand Revolution Group Coaching with Seema Batavia Testimonial3.png
Introvert Brand Revolution Group Coaching with Seema Batavia Testimonial2.png
Insecure to In-Demand A program for introverts to overcome their insecurity and show up co
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 15.jpeg
Introvert Brand Revolution Group Coaching with Seema Batavia Testimonial4.png
Introvert Brand Revolution Group Coaching with Seema Batavia Testimonial6.png
Insecure to In-Demand A program for introverts to overcome their insecurity and show up co
Insecure to In-Demand A program for introverts to overcome their insecurity and show up co
Insecure to In-Demand A program for introverts to overcome their insecurity and show up co
Insecure to In-Demand A program for introverts to overcome their insecurity and show up co
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 10.png
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial .PNG
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 11.png
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 16.jpg
A transformative program to help you get unstuck.

Pediatrician &

"If you're looking for THE coaching experience to improve your online visibility, look no further!  Seema's 'Insecure to In-Demand' provides everything (EVERYTHING) that you need to confidently show up for and connect with your audience.  It is a true game changer!


I recently took part in the program and was given all the tools I needed to explore why I was hesitant to show up to my audience and to help me clarify my messaging.  It offered practical techniques to enhance my online visibility while addressing the emotional barriers that had been holding me back... in the most supportive of environments. 

If you're an introverted entrepreneur wanting to uplevel your online presence, I HIGHLY recommend connecting with Seema.  She goes beyond basic strategies and helps you understand the deeper reasons behind your insecurities. With her expert guidance and tailored exercises, I was able to overcome my fears and find my authentic voice and message."

After 12 weeks of the program, you'll:

Start seeing your introverted personality as an asset that sets you apart, not a handicap that holds you back

Experience increased confidence, self-worth and self-esteem and no longer be afraid of taking up space and being seen by the online world

Have ultimate clarity about your strengths and your overall purpose, as well as the right words to define them so you can show up confidently with conviction - for the right people

Learn how to effectively communicate & articulate yourself in a way that makes others sit up, take notice and respect you - while staying true to yourself

Finally start believing in yourself and recognize the value you bring to the table and the vast possibilities that exist for you in the online space

Know how to create scroll-stopping content and practically leverage social media to build connections, influence and authority to gain maximum visibility

No longer fear showing up online or feel like a fraud; instead see it as a safe space where you belong & deserve to be

Know how to build attention and get known for your expertise - not your personal life

Combining the powerful impact of

inner programming and my signature Attraction Method, Insecure to In-Demand™ is the experience that will transform your life.


This program has been created specifically to overcome your fears and shift your beliefs to start seeing (and believing!) what you're truly capable of.

It will essentially re-program you from the inside out.

Combined with:

The Attraction Method, a system created specifically for introverts like yourself to:

Effectively communicate your thoughts & ideas in a way that draws people in

Emerge as a thought-leader (instead of a follower) so people look up to you in your field

Establish a magnetic, standout online presence that displays confidence & authority

Attract your audience by getting inside their head & speaking their language

Build trust with your community so they go from "who is she?" to "I've never met anyone else like her!"

This is actual footage from a coaching call with my client, Ali

Ali went from from feeling like an imposter and doubting his own abilities to recognizing his worth and looking forward to his exciting, new future

A proven system that not only makes you confident, but unstoppable.

What's included:


step-by-step curriculum that helps you start from scratch to building a confident online presence (without any faking or awkwardness)


Video replays of each video call so you can review every detail & apply all the lessons - no matter what level you're on


A vault of videos, worksheets, and resources for each module with LIFETIME ACCESS that will help you show up confidently online forever


Bi-Weekly safe Q&A group coaching calls with me over Zoom to address your burning questions to build your confidence from the inside out


Dedicated members-only access to a platform created for you that contains a motherload of files & goodies


A members-only Facebook group where you can ask questions 24/7 & interact with a community of fellow introverts - no question is off-limits!


Visibility Coach

"I never truly understood the meaning of 'Branding' until working with Seema. When I decided to apply for her Coaching; I had changed the vision of my business and felt that my focus and messaging were not in sync anymore.

Seema gave me clarity in myself and in my business. She helped me to clarify content, messaging (voice) and how to add my personality into my entire brand strategy. 

Sincere, intelligent, genuine and fun; Seema is the real deal!" 

Oh, and did I mention...

Direct access to me on the members-only Facebook Group so you have complete hand-held support while we’re helping you show up online together

A safe, judgement-free community of talented, like-minded introverts who are on the same exact path as you 

All the tools & resources you need to help you with your confidence & visibility struggles and reach your goals in the fastest way possible

Lifetime access to every single video, resource and discussions shared during the entirety of the program

How it works:

Each week we will cover the following:

Week 1:

We will dive deep into who you are as a person, addressing the root of your fears and limiting beliefs to understand your real barriers and how to overcome them

Week 2:

We will recognize your higher purpose that is a reflection of who you truly are and what you're meant to do in a way that feels safe, secure and aligned

Week 3:

I'll help you identify your real potential and have you finally seeing your worth and believing in yourself - so your goals will no longer seem overwhelming, but believable and exciting

Week 4:

I'll guide you on building the foundation of your online presence that aligns with your real self, your goals and the future you'd like to build

Week 5:

I'll help you find your unique voice to build confidence and create the exact perception that you want in your audience's mind, without feeling like a fraud and staying authentic

Week 6:

We will tailor your messaging to reflect who you really are in a way that truly resonates with your audience and makes them gravitate towards you - while speaking their language

Week 7:

I'll give you the formula to a fool-proof content strategy that will build your authority, get you known and will have your audience going "how did you get inside my head??"

Week 8:

I'll teach you how to navigate and leverage Instagram as a platform to get you maximum attention without burning out. You'll also learn how to network effectively online to build key, long-lasting relationships and support systems



The last four weeks will be devoted to applying everything you learned in weeks 1-8, with Q&A hot-seat coaching and my eyes directly on you and your page


You'll get access to a free module that will take your online presence to the next level:

A module to help you take your expertise and package it to nurture your audience and put you on the path to building a whole new career doing what you love with freedom - INCLUDED!


Relational Trauma & Inner Child Healing Coach

"What stood out for me, about you and your style of coaching, is your ability and willingness to treat my vision and goals AND my problems and fears as your own! You're of course the only 'coach' I've worked with, but I can't imagine very many coaches being able to do THAT, regardless of how skilled and knowledgable they might be!

There was this distinct point in time when I noticed some of my fear and insecurity beginning to shift towards excitement and enthusiasm. And that's when I realized that what I was learning from your program (and just from having direct access to you in general) was having an impact on not just my <future> brand but also the <future> person in me!

You unknowingly made this person EMBODY his brand and closed the loop on 'personal branding'!" 

Seema Batavia Visibility Coach for Introverted Coaches and Entrepreneurs.png

What makes Insecure to In-Demand™ different and why should you listen to me?

This program is created specifically for ambitious introverts like yourself who have spent too much time in the shadows and want to finally want to show up and get seen (without feeling nervous) but don’t know how.

This is keeping you stuck and you aren't taking action.


As an anxious introvert myself, I know how hard it is to put yourself out there - let alone be seen, heard & stand out!


But I can assure you, this system works.

Just ask these introverted individuals:
Get more confident and visible as an introvert, show up online and build your personal bra
Introverts Building their Personal Brand Helping introverts become confident & visible, sh
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 26
Introvert Brand Revolution Testimonial 3.PNG
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 9.jpg
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 16.jpeg
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 24
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 24.jpg
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 25.jpg
Become more confident and visible as an introvert, show up online and build your personal
Insecure to In-Demand Helping Introverts to Build Their Personal Brand Visibility and Conf
Insecure to In-Demand Helping Introverts to Build Their Personal Brand, Visibility and Con
Helping introverts become confident & visible, show up confidently online.PNG
Insecure to In-Demand Helping Introverts to Build Their Personal Brand, Visibility and Con
Introvert Brand Revolution testimonial1.jpg
Helping introverts become confident & visible, show up confidently online!.jpg
Personal Brand Mastery Testimonial13.jpg
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial7
Insecure to In-Demand Helping Introverts to Build Their Personal Brand, Visibility and Con
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 22.jpg
Build a Personal Brand as an introvert, get more confident & visible.jpg
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 19.jpg
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 8.PNG
Talk about clarity, confidence, and strategy!
Insecure to In-Demand logo1 Helping introverts show up confidently online and overcome ins
Insecure to In-Demand Seema Batavia Introvert Confidence & Visibility show up online5.png

This framework is the exact process I’ve used to show up confidently online & create my own online presence. I've gone from feeling lost & anxious to building my dream life and I feel more fulfilled than ever before!

(It also helped me quit my 9-5 job, start a remote business, make my yearly salary in under 5 months and build an audience of over 80K across social media platforms in the process, just FYI)

This is actual footage from a coaching call with my client, Dwayne

Dwayne went from from feeling confused about how he should be showing up online to creating demand for his services - just by being authentic!

I’m here to teach you all my confidence & visibility secrets.

Here's the real truth: confidence does not come naturally to me. I understand what it's like to feel insecure and unworthy, and more importantly, how to overcome it and finally start believing in yourself.

And with a decade of Marketing & Branding experience where I’ve led Marketing departments and built brands, I know how to get people seen by influencing perceptions and decisions - this is what I teach you.


I'll help you identify your own potential - by digging deeper and having ‘aha’ moments that will make you break mental barriers, look at things differently, and turn you into an unstoppable force... which will have the online world coming to you.

Don't believe me? This is what my messages typically look like.

I ask my audience to message me the word 'introvert' if they'd like to work with me

And I get messages like these on a regular basis.

Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial.png
Insecure to In-Demand Message.png
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 17.jpg
Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial 21.jpg
Insecure to In-Demand Speaking Engagement.png

Which lead to unbelievable collaborations like these:

Insecure to In-Demand Collaboration.PNG
Insecure to In-Demand Sponsorship.png

Paid collaborations with 100-billion-dollar companies

Live video with Chris Do whose channel The Futur has over one million subscribers on YouTube

Speaking opportunities and appearing on expert panels

Insecure to In-Demand Testimonial1.jpg

Podcast features with other creators and entrepreneurs

I'm not exaggerating when I say that you can build the most memorable online presence and have people seeking you out...

Even if you're an introvert.

Your life can drastically change with opportunities just like these through the work that we do in Insecure to In-Demand™.


Social Media Marketing Expert

"When I started, I felt very overwhelmed. I was dealing with imposter syndrome, lack of knowledge about what to do, who to help, and all of that... Now I look back, having overcome those hardships, I feel super happy and empowered in what I do. I know who I am, where I want to go, and because of that I no longer allow anyone else to set my direction. The feeling of believing in myself and being empowered has made me happy above anything else, and your program was crucial in building the foundation for me to feel that.

I think the amazing value of your program really lies in how you empower your clients to think for themselves, find the best version of themselves and help them to take it to the platform of Instagram."

You no longer have to be an extrovert to get the attention that you deserve.

Your time is now.

Insecure to In-Demand Logo Wordmark.png

The ultimate program for introverts who have been 'hidden' for too long and are ready to step into the limelight and get visible without sacrificing their privacy.

This is for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

You identify as an introvert and/or suffer from imposter syndrome, low self-esteem, low confidence, shyness or anxiety


You’re an entrepreneur  / small-business owner, freelancer, consultant, coach, or a skilled 9-5 professional

You’re driven and a self-starter who is willing to put in the work with guidance from a coach & community


You’re committed to showing up every single week and following the curriculum & interact with other introverts

You’re willing to dig deep and keep an open mind on opportunities and possibilities in your journey

You're seeking to find your highest potential & purpose so you can help and serve your audience


You want to make a name for yourself and invest in your future, not just looking to stroke your ego


You believe that this is the right time to commit to a 12-week plan

You’re overconfident or don't believe you have anything internal to work on


You don't have a particular area of skill or expertise, or any experiences you'd like to share

You need a lot of pushing and constant nagging in order to get things done

You’re too busy with other projects and tasks to commit to a regular call time & date each week


You’re uncomfortable addressing deep-rooted issues that may be a roadblock in your journey

Your primary goal out of this program is money & profit


You think 12 weeks is too long and aren't ready or capable to trust the process

You’re too tied up right now and wondering if you can even do this at this time


Self Reclamation Coach

"Although I had come across the concepts in different formats before, this time, everything was clear, and it was presented in baby steps. The exercises were clear and the intent was also clear. The program had direction and was explained in a type of language I identified with and that was clear to me. Halfway through the program, I had clarity on my way forward - more than I had ever had before! And I could already see massive shifts 3/4 of the way through as I applied Seema's recommendations to my content.

I look forward to my business not with trepidation and fear but with excitement, with purpose, with direction, and with enthusiasm on my journey forward. I have systems in place along with the tools and techniques to take me forward. The tools, systems and techniques are easy and implementable. Being an introvert and HSP, it also helps that Seema is built similarly. It really allows for her to have gotten into my head and understand things my way.


Seema has focus and direction, and has the ability to tease from you the problems you never even knew you had. Seema is a metaphysical problem solver, solving things way before you know you need them solved. She also has a very gentle way of encouraging, her magic has made even me - a person who preferred to be at the business end of a camera - become more comfortable with being in front of a camera. Business transformation at its best!"

Discover the incredible benefits of this program:

Insecure to In-Demand™ Core Program: 
Bi-Weekly Group Coaching calls: 
Worksheets & Resources: 
Exclusive Facebook Community: 
Lifetime Access:  

BONUS MODULE Create Your Offer: 

Valued at $5000
Valued at $3000
Valued at $997
Valued at $2000
Priceless :)
Valued at $750

Total Value: $10,000+

Seema Batavia Confidence and Personal Branding Coach for Introverts - Overcome your insecu

Your Investment: $1497

Flexible Payment Options:

Pay in Full



Payment Plan

Ultra Flexible

Payment Plan




single payment of $1497

(best value)

monthly payments of $529

(3 payments)

monthly payments of $174

(12 payments)

This is actual footage from a coaching call with my client, Candice

Candice went from feeling lost, confused and frustrated to feeling clear, confident & ready to face the world with her new-found purpose.

In just a few weeks, you could have a whole new lease on life.

Aren't you ready for change?


I live in a different country. Can I enroll & attend the group calls

Yes, the program is open globally for everyone! The day and time of the calls are decided to accommodate all members as much as possible, and each call replay is available in case you miss a call. The g

How much time will this take me every week?

Including the calls & curriculum work, it should take you no more than 2 hours a week.

Is there a refund policy?

There are no refunds available on this program. Refund policies trick you into thinking there's a 'safety net' and keep you from giving it your 100%; I'm here to empower you & help you achieve your goals.

What if this program doesn't work for me?

Like any coaching program or mastermind, you get what you put into it. If you put in all your effort, follow the curriculum carefully, follow all of my guidance and give it enough time, I see no reason why you won’t reach your goals! 

How much access do I get to Seema?

Every single video, tool, resource and the entire curriculum has been designed and created by me. Along with this, you will be able to ask me questions directly during each group call. You will also be interacting with me directly in the Facebook Group. I will be here to guide you every step of the way!

I'm not comfortable in a group setting. Will this still work for me?

One of the biggest assets of group coaching is the ability to learn from others. Everyone is in the same boat as you and there is zero judgement. Not only will you be able to look at issues from several perspectives, you will benefit from the advice that's given to others. You will also make some meaningful connections that will help you build stronger relationships. 

I'm not an entrepreneur. Can I enroll?

Of course! This program is for anyone who wants to build attention and influence around their skills or experiences and channel their strengths as an introvert.

Can I go at my own pace?

One module will be released every week - this pace is set to help you make incremental progress. I recommend working on one module per week to give yourself enough time to apply what you learn and get the most out of this program.


Real Estate Agent

"I'll just say that this program felt... so amazing. I, for the first time, saw some commonalities and life experiences that I haven't even figured out how that plays into it, but it does. I thought this was just perfect for me.

Even just being able to identify, through those first three modules, really did fill a void that has not been filled by other courses.


I do think it's a unique offering in the marketplace that, for me, served an extremely helpful need.  It was so helpful and I think it's such a unique offering because I think especially for us fellow introverts, or people who have some introvert tendencies, I think we sometimes get lost into the sauce. So very helpful. Thank you so much, Seema!"

Do you really want to spend another year doubting yourself and watching the time go by?

Or are you ready to make things happen for you?

You've sat on the sidelines long enough.


No more shame and self-loathing.

No more fear of rejection.

No more fear of ridicule.

No more fear of failure... or success.

No more fear of letting the world see you.

It's time to believe in yourself, be brave and step into the spotlight. You were born for it.

If you are ready to commit, I'll help you reach your goals.

I'll see you in the program!

Insecure to In-Demand Mockup.png


Doors closing in:

Please note that all payments are final and non-refundable. Clients who are opting for the payment plan are committed & responsible for completing the terms of their payment plan even if they do not complete the program.

All rights reserved. All modules, lessons, and information inside of Insecure to In-Demand™ were strategically structured, created & designed by Seema Batavia. Anything copied or replicated for personal gain will be legally held responsible.

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