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50 Branding Tips for Introverts

Do you think you need to be an extrovert to have a brand?

That you must be social?

What if you’re an introvert? Can you have a successful brand?

You sure can. Here are 50 branding tips for introverts:

  1. Make social media your tool of choice

  2. Show thought leadership through a blog

  3. Become a connector who introduces people

  4. Display your credentials (eg. diplomas or certificates)

  5. Showcase your social proof

  6. Use your downtime to strategize your next move – introverts are great analyzers

  7. Don't try all platforms at once - be only where your target market is

  8. Use your time wisely - maintain a sustainable schedule

  9. Understand how much time you can handle online before burning out.

  10. Create a professional persona that is separate from 'YOU’

  11. Train yourself - repeat it day after day until it becomes a habit

  12. Build one-on-one meaningful relationships

  13. Create a plan of action for any public gatherings

  14. Use your vulnerability as a strength - it helps connect to people

  15. Bond with others using your own habits - e.g. books, board games, or any other hobbies

  16. If you hate networking, find a group, course or online Facebook community instead.

  17. Embrace high points of energy and make use of those times

  18. Set one extroverted challenge every month to help your business

  19. Set dedicated times when you respond to emails, DMs or comments - preserve your energy

  20. Make template responses for different types of inquiries to save time and energy

  21. Learn quickly which people you will and won't work with - you don't need to work with everyone

  22. Challenge yourself to send at least 5 DMs and 10 comments every day.

  23. Find other introverts to connect with - there are TONS of us out there!

  24. Understand that you have qualities beyond introversion - show your skills and personality

  25. Make stories without your face in them, to showcase other skills

  26. Pre-record one short 15-second video with your face, daily for your stories - they disappear in 24 hours.

  27. If you want to try IG lives, try it with a buddy, for 20 minutes.

  28. Make your content topics really strong

  29. Use good editing to make your posts stand out

  30. Collaborate with other like-minded people on subjects you care about

  31. Learn how to say no to things you don't want to do

  32. Use other successful introverts as motivation

  33. Instead of being a loud brand, choose to be an authentic brand instead

  34. Use your skills to help people - this will build your confidence

  35. Introverts are good at preparing - use that to analyze competitors' content and improve your own

  36. Try podcasts - it makes you feel like you're talking to a friend

  37. Find an extroverted mentor who can guide you

  38. Watch extroverted influencers and pick some points you can apply to yourself

  39. Get testimonials from people that you help - it will boost your confidence

  40. Dedicate 20 minutes every day to talk to one new person online

  41. Find a unique tone of voice that you are comfortable expressing in

  42. Perfect your writing - it will be your main medium of expression

  43. Make a website that is impactful and showcases you perfectly

  44. Pre-record an introductory video answering FAQs so you don't have to answer the same questions each time.

  45. When you approach someone new, make it a game - give yourself a treat if you meet your engagement goals of the day (eg. a massage or chocolate)

  46. Master storytelling - tell your background story in a unique, compelling way

  47. Find a unique audience pain point that you can resolve

  48. Use bright colors, imagery and typography to show your personality

  49. Learn how to deal with trolls or confrontational people by staying calm

  50. Don't let anxiety overcome you - your mental health is more important

You can definitely build a powerful personal brand as an introvert, but it should not feel overwhelming or tedious. If it gets to be too much, take a break and pick it back up when you have the energy!

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